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My name is James, and I started my life in fitness in my late teens. With nothing but the mildest of occasional running experience in my past, I decided to take up parkour while looking for something new and exciting that would get me in shape. Finding little to no ingrained natural talent for parkour in myself, I was nontheless amazed to discover that with hard work, dedication and discipline, I was able to achieve things that I would have never thought myself capable of.

Alongside parkour, my interest in the wider field of strength, fitness and health also opened up. My focus over the next few years slowly began to shift and change until I realised that exercise and health had become the driving force in my life. My training instead instilled in me a new found confidence in myself and a love of teaching and encouraging others that I had not realised I possessed.

I quit my job and became a full time coach and personal trainer, eventually being part of a small team running a gym in London. As my desire to learn more about my chosen career grew, I decided to take another leap into the unknown and go to university at age 31, studying a Sports Therapy BSc.

My degree led me into statistics, R, and coding in general, when I wanted to find something (anything) that would get me out of using SPSS for statistical analysis. R led me to Python, which led to general web development. I now proudly consider myself a keen amateur in all these things.

I am currently studying a Masters by Research in Sport and Exercise Science. Help.