The Benefits of Using a Half-Kneeling Position

Exploring working from different or weird positions has been something I’ve been enjoying lately. I do a lot of my mobility these days from a full kneeling sit position, for example. As such, I found this article from Juggernaut Strength to be a great read.

I switched to split squats a while back over regular squatting because, frankly, I was sick to death of the issues squatting was giving me with my back. Plus, a half kneel/lunge position is the starting point for a lot of explosive movements in sport. I’ve definitely seen benefits from the stability challenges to the trunk that the position provides, like the article talks about, and I plan to use it for some overhead work too in the future.

I think my interest here was inspired by the climbing I’ve been doing recently, where you often have to apply strength in unusual angles, but also from a general need to keep switching things up to maintain interest. Keeping the general movement the same - say, an overhead press - but varying it each week with little things like performing from a half-kneel helps avoid monotony. That’s the secret if just grinding reps out just doesn’t appeal to you!

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