The Problem With Using Youtube Clips for Posture Analysis

There’s been a few videos going around the parkour community recently claiming to perform postural and biomechanical analysis on some of the Storror athletes. I have a number of issues with these videos, but mostly, I think the methods used to conduct this kind of ‘analysis’ are deeply flawed.

Rather than write a lengthy blog post, I thought it easier to just my thoughts into a video, where I can also actively demonstrate some of the points as I’m making them:

For what it’s worth, I hate the idea of putting this kind of ‘response’ video out. The last thing I want is a return to the good ol’ days of internet flame-wars and drama. But, if you’re making grand claims in a public forum under the pretense of a scientific approach, I think it’s important that you are challenged on those claims when they don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Anyway. Tweet me if you want to discuss, I guess.

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